Any Counting Crows fans out there?

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  1. I was at our local library and was browsing thru their CD collection and they had a ton of Counting Crows CDs. So I borrowed them and ripped them onto my iPod. I've always liked a few of their song I heard on the radio but I really love the CDs. It is all I have been listening to the last couple days.

    Any other fans or fav songs?
  2. I like Counting Crows a lot. Their albums are always solid. My favorite songs are "Anna Begins" "A Long December" and "Colorblind."
  3. I like them, their music is pretty good :smile:
  4. I love them!
  5. Huge fan! Even though I'm probably as old as their mothers are. (I'm age 50.)
  6. i love them! i love their songs... accidentally in love, a long december, mr. jones:yes:
  7. I've always loved Accidentally in Love! But I got their LIVE version of a CD and really like Hard Candy and Rain King.

    They are a little melancholy though. Fits my mood lately! I'll check out the other suggestions.
  8. I soooo love the video of a long december... and the song accidentally in love made me love shrek more.. :smile: perfect song for that movie :smile:
  9. wow, i'd almost forgotten about them! i used to listen them to a lot in high school..

    i can't remember exactly what songs i liked.. i know i liked mr jones, anna begins, colourblind, and chelsea on the across a wire cd..