Any corporate design Coach employees out there?

  1. And I mean bag illustrators, textile designers, graphic designers, web designers, etc... Just curious how it is working for Coach corporate as a designer. And I am curious how your workspace looks.

    thanks. — Andrea
  2. That would be my dream job. Please share.
  3. That would definitely be my dream job!

    Of course, I have trouble drawing stick people, so that might be seen as a hinderance to my employment...
  4. :smile::lol::roflmfao:
  5. Your doggie is soooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!:love:
  6. i don't know, but i would LOVE that! :nuts:
  7. Thanks, he just turned a year old 2 days ago, now he's a big beast! 90 lbs last time I weighed him!

    Coach does have a design internship program, which I would love to apply for, but I am already graduated and it would be almost impossilbe for me & my DH to move to NY for it. I would just love to see what their design department looks like. If I ever made a trip out to NY I would try to see if I could get a tour.

    Yeah, a dream of mine! :p