Any converts from 35 cm birkins to 30 cm size? Details, please.

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Do you prefer the 30, 35, both or neither?

  1. Have or like both 30 and 35

  2. 35, always

  3. 30, always

  4. Started with 35 but now like/prefer 30

  5. Started with 30 but now like/prefer 35

  6. None of the above (I prefer 25 or 40, or am not a birkin person)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Seeing Megs' birkin last week in NY got me thinking about the 30 cm size, having up to now been a fan of the 35 cm size. Anyone have any experiences with "switching" sizes or strong feelings toward one or the other? (ozzysmom, I know you are out there! please weigh in). As you might expect, given that overly analytical nature of mine that you have come to love (or at least, be amused by), there is a poll attached to this.
  2. I am a definite convert from 35 to 30 for general use. The 35 is great as REAL tote /carryall if in fact you need that. But if you dont need that much capacity its just a big bag for big bag sake. Plus its lighter and easier to handle when you are on the go. I think the 35's are ideal for suburban ladies or working women. for ex, my friends elsewhere love the 35 but they are in a car whenever they leave their they dont actually "carry" it everywhere
  3. Although I can't carry a 30 because of the weight issue, I love both sizes. This is one bag that, IMO, can be oversize and OK.
  4. Totally agree!:yes: For me 35 sometimes is too heavy after putting things in. 30 is just right.
  5. I was waffling between the 30 and 35 until I saw the 35 in person. It looked enormous to me, and the person carrying it had everything but the kitchen sink in it. I never carry THAT much stuff, so that clinched the 30/35 debate for me. 30 all the way.
  6. did you mean to say 35? or cant you carry a 30?
  7. I have both sizes and would like both in the bag closet for different reasons. I prefer the look of a big slouchy 35 Birkin but it is definitely HEAVY! I'm a suburbanite though, and as HH says above, it is not a big problem if I'm running around town and just carrying it for small doses. It would definitely get heavy lugging it around all day in the city (although I certainly have done so). I also have the 30 size and prefer that size if I'm going to carry it shopping and out to lunch with the girls. Jedi, you need both! ;)
    I also find that I prefer the 35 size in slouchy leathers with clemence or well loved togo being my favorites (does not help the weight though) and like the 30s in togo but prefer them in more structured leathers like box and chevre.
  8. I need 35cm to carry laptop and letter-sized papers/files/etc...
  9. Ditto Hermesaholic and LuvBirkin.

    I too am a convert. This was my reply on costa's recent 30 v. 35 thread:

    I thought I would only be a 35 girl, and when I tried on 30s in the store thought they were too small. Then I was offered a 30 in my specs (black/PHW.) I took it home, and even when I took it out of the box, again thought "too small." But once I put stuff in her, another story. I am smitten with the 30 and don't love carrying the 35 as much. The 30 holds a ton, weighs much less (both bags are the same leather) and is more handbag, less "tote-ish." So now I love the 30s, and probably would not purchase another 35, unless I crossed paths with one in black, indigo or vert fonce box.
  10. I used to have a 35cm and actually RETURNED it after I started using my first 30cm. Since then, I am 30cm all the way....oh except for that order that is coming in. That will be used for work. However, on a daily /purse basis, when I don't need to do "work related" things, I am all about 30cm.
  11. I like both sizes. The 35cm for carrying a lot of stuff and the 30cm for every day trips.
  12. I have ordered a 35 because I have felt that the 30 seemed too much like my 32 Kelly.
  13. I meant anything larger than a 30 would be too heavy for me. (But I like the looks of both sizes.)
  14. I'm a "you need both" person too. If forced to choose between the two, it would be 35 all the way, but there is a place for the 30 in the closet as well. The weight of the 35 does not bother me at all (I've carried much heavier bags) and I love the overall look of the 35 more than the 30.

    You could probably call me a convert from 30's to 35's, so maybe the opposite of your poll title.;)
  15. I am a 30 user now I prefer 35. But could never live w/o a 30 still...