Any Constance lovers out there?

  1. I never was untill I found the perfect one for me...:yahoo:
  2. Me ... me!!!! I don't have one but I find it a très chic and elegant bag!
  3. I never thought of one...untill it found me!, I love it, so elegant!
  4. Yes I sure do love the look of it, never had the possibility to try it on unfortunately.
  5. I actually do like the Constance -- would love one in Croc!
  6. I hate the type of party where you have to carry a plate with one hand and a drink with the other, BUT my tiny Constance is the perfect bag for this type affair.
  7. I LOOOVE the Constance!!!! I've got too much on my plate at the moment, but there's definately one down the road for me! (Box.. for a change!:rolleyes:)
  8. ^Love it but only the mini. Tried on a couple recently but found some other bags I loved more.

    Anything bigger and I look a frumpy old granny.

    But my (Constance) day will come....
  9. ^^^I feel the same way, Wongy. I think in 10 years, I'll be ready for one. The same goes with the Bolide. The Bolide in a bright color looks great on me, but the last time I bought a colored bag it sat in my closet for 10 years.
  10. Bolides in muted brights are great (think the hues you get w/ ostrich or epsom). I think I'm the same way with super brights. I tried a small rose shocking Kelly a couple weeks back. Lovely on, but I was like hmmm, when do I use this thing? Not formal enough for the evening, and too attention grabbing for the day.
  11. Well???? What is it, Avandome? I am at the edge of my seat!

    I have a 23cm black chamonix Constance with palladium h/w and I love it! Mostly, I wear it with the strap doubled so that it is an under-the-arm shoulder bag. Makes me feel very chic even when I'm dressed down.
  12. I also think this bag is wonderful - didn't care for it until recently and hope there is one in my future as well! So what is yours like avan??!!!
  13. Oh, yes! Love the Constance!