Any Consignent Stores selling authentic LVs in Thailand?

  1. Planning a vacation to Thailand soon and just wondering if I will be able to scout for some limited edition or rare pieces of LVs in any consignment stores in Thailand. Any idea, Thailand LV addicts..? I don't think I'll be able to ask anyone else as I can't speak Thai and the tour guides may only know how to bring me to the local LV boutiques which I've already been there before anyway... :rolleyes: Oh, by the way, will the prices be any cheaper in Thailand? The last time I checked, it seems more expensive, but I'm not sure about the price after those tax refund thingy and all... :P :sweatdrop:
  2. I did come across one second hand store in suan lum market. i can't rem which section it is though, but i did walk past it. the LV prices in thailand are slightly more expensive, i think.... :smile: enjoy ur vacation!
  3. yes sure..."suan lum market" is one of the's the link,showing what's in the store... and yes there'r sum several places more... like"CHAMPS DE BRAND",located in SIAM SQUARE and THONGLOR.but this place...recently has been selling fakes and auths at the same time. so i dont reccommend u buying frm here bcuz it's expensive than any other store and not that good reputation but's the link (u just dont buy things frm here unless u r an expert to know if the bag's auth,,,or u may be fooled by them!) another store is "No.2" (this's located in SIAM SQUARE soi.3) the store owner is very kind and friendly.their bags are quite cheap but 100%auth! and there'r sum more located in SIAM's easy to find SIAM SQUARE.every taxis know where is it.anyway,i'll list sum more stores that located in SIAM SQUARE 1.Merry Go Round 2.The Ricci 3.Chapeau 4.The Prestige-------------------------------------------------------i hope this helps~ :~)
  4. Wow, thanks a lot..! That's really some great info... Actually I did went to both Suan Lum and Siam Square the last time I was there but never notice there are such stores... Or perhaps I saw but thought that they are selling fakes... :P I know I saw lots of fakes in Thailand.

    Also, I also saw lots of cosmetics in those little counters in MBK... It's so weird as they have various brands and all placed together in one counter. Are those fake too? Their prices are only slightly cheaper than normal, like 20%.
  5. can i have the full address of the shop u said that their bag quite cheap and 100% auth coz i will be going to bangkok next months. Thanks
  7. "MEGSHOP" is located at SUAM LUM NIGHT BARZAR /Zone.Ayutthaya Soi.13 Room no. B249-250 And "No.2" is located in SIAM SQUARE (there'r 3 places in SIAM;siam paragon,siam center and siam square.) Siam square is the opened-air.This's a small shop but inside you'll find many items.So you dont look at some kind of big shop. it's in SOI.3,beside tha book store called "Dokya".The phone no. is 02-6546311.And "The Ricci" their bags cheaper than in the boutique.I just went to chek the baby spy bag,,,and it costs only about $910.This's located in SIAM SQUARE too.i think it's on the same Soi. as No.2. and the last one is "CHEESE";. This one is the most easiest to's on the train station,BTS Siam station.Just look for the bread shop ,"Baked ham" and you'll find the store.(it's just there in front of the entrance of SIAM CENTER.)and for others store i didnt mention it up there,i think it's safe for u guys not to buy...bcuz sum other stores has been selling fakes and didnt take any responsibility for it.AND AGAIN...for the CHAMPSDEBRAND shop,PLS BE SURE that u can verify the bags authenticity before making any purchase! :~)
  8. well,i have to come back again bcuz i forgot to tell you about the other shop which's selling the NEW and 100%AUTH at the price that almost exactly the same as u buy from Italy or France.the shop owner is friend of my bf's bf's mum got her MC speedy 30 brand new at about $1600. and few weeks ago i asked them the price of the priscilla mc bag,and it's about $1312.The shop name "WARA". EASY TO FIND bcuz it's located on the first floor of's just next to the "SANTA".SANTA is a franchise like KFC.(hope u understand what i looks more like KFC bcuz it's fast food,,chicken,burger,,,and something like that. im sure u'll find it.)in Wara they sell brandname accessories and bags and clothes.) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.. ok,...Im DONE NOW! =P
  9. OMG! thanks lilvivi. after looking at your reply, i better go get a flight ticket to bkk soon:nuts:
  10. Wow, you are really getting me very excited for my trip. Can't wait..! This time around, I'll make sure I go to all those places. During my last trip there, it wasn't that fun as I bought too many things that I don't really use and too little of those stuffs that I really like... :P Also, I kept getting lost and can't find those places I wanted to go (that's usually not in the tour's schedule :rolleyes: :shame: ).
  11. I need to contact WARA at MBK. I read here than the bags there are 100% real but bought one there and i suspect mine is an imitation. Want to give them a call to verify!
  12. Hello,
    I lived in Bangkok, Thailand for 2 years......

    Best place for used LV.....

    WARA Shop - MBK Shopping centre. They are on the ground floor near "beared Santa"

    They only sell real LV.......

    BE AWARE .... they often stop foreigners coming in..... unless you look like you can afford the items! Often they refuse Arabs! and Forrung entering!

    Ask for Joy ! She is a doll. Very nice girl.

    BEST BARGAINS - older Epi pieces..... newish stuff is almost same as LV store!