Any concealer for undereye deep lines and slight bags?

  1. I am having a "beauty meltdown" !!! I am in the middle of having fraxel laser treatment for the lines under my eyes. The rest of my face looks great, I think, but under my eyes, I feel I look terrible. Not really discolored, but very liney and creepy. When I use concealer, it settles in the lines and makes it look like I have bags under my eyes. Any suggestions for a good concealer for, uh, a person who's falling apart? I tried Laura Mercier, but it was too shiny, and made me look like someone had hit me in the eye. I was looking in sephora tonight and noticed the sheisedo which seemed like a good texture that maybe wouldnt settle in the lines - I have heard YSL is good too - any recommendations? I need help :smile: