Any comments on the MK Blakely?

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  1. So the bag is -25% off and I am THIS close buying it. I just want to know if someone has it and if its a good choice or not.

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  2. Yes me to ! Very interested
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  3. I like and the colors are very nice. I have not seen it in person yet.
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  4. I like it. I like the python embossed & I saw a color block one that looked good. I'd like to find a really stylish black & white bag with silver hardware.
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  5. I might go see it IRL today. Im curious if its big enough. The bucket seems larger.
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  6. If you go to their website there is a mod shot of the bag. Looks smaller then I thought it would be. I am interested in the black. I have the LV Neo Noe in mono and was considering the noir but I think I like the MK version better. $295 on sale and if you go through ****** you get an extra $15.
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  7. Anyone have the large black blakely ?
  8. F31F37F9-3922-476E-B783-626AF4A739EB.jpeg I have been thinking of getting a bucket bag but have not found one that I really like. It’s either too small or too big or just don’t like it. Till I saw this Blakely medium bucket and fell in love with the colour combinations and the embossed snake leather so I ordered it yesterday. Expecting to receive it tomorrow, hopefully I like it.
  9. Yes. it is good choice to buy this bag.
  10. I already have this bag in my collection. So go and buy. you will love it.
  11. I love the print and colours combo but the leather is too stiff and not comfortable for me. I had the bag for about a week pondering whether to keep or return and finally returned it.
  12. I’ve always liked the look of the blakely. Are the solid colors in this bag as stiff as the snake?
  13. I just got it and it’s amazing! I needed a replacement for my black Selma and the large Blakely is such a great size. The smaller one is just too small for me.
  14. I love this bag
    Not seen in person though