Any comment on Canard Color?

  1. After reading all enthusiastic replies posted into this thread, I'm on the way to consider Canard, even if I was more oriented on an anthra with blue undertione! Thanks girls for all you impressions about this colour.

    BTW, Crazybagfan I think leather of the bag you would like to buy is really great! Go for it!!
  2. love your canard susan! i have yet to see canard irl but it looks like a very pretty shade of blue...def growing on me!
  3. Susan and other canard owners - have you experienced any of the classic Bal blue fade on your bags? Thanks!
  4. love canard!!! congrats crazybagfan! personally I wouldn't buy two bags in the same color, but if you have enough fund :graucho: and you love it ;) town is a great style too (my next style hunt :p)

    Susan, love love love your canard :nuts:!
  5. Hi!

    No fade yet at all-but I treated her with LMB botanical shield and color enhance, and if anything she looks better now! So maybe someone who hasnt treated their Canard can chime in?
  6. Canard is a fab colour! I love the fact that it is moody and looks different under different lighting. Mine is a deep inky blue with grey tones so it goes great with jeans as well as most other colours.

    My bag has not been treated and I've not noticed any fading so far. The bag got rained on a little today (just very little) n bag was perfectly ok still. So go for it!
  7. I an a big fan of Canrad color too! trying to get a RGGH in Canrad.
  8. Yes, i love my Canard City very much. I'm hunting for a Town now, but however the lowest i can find now is Canard also, other color is all selling at original retail price. Guess i need to keep hunting :p
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    My canard have no fading yet. Bc I can't find the products to treat this bag here, I just use this ordinary shoe polish:biggrin: made from vegetable oil(non chemical stuff added):heart:
  10. My Canard RGGH Town's leather is still as gorgeous as the day I bought it in May - no fading that I can detect (I compare the outside to the mirror's leather).

    I've only sprayed it with Collonil Sun Protector and Waterproofer: brilliant in that it does not change the colour, texture or original smell of the leather.

    And, I absolutely promise everyone who uses this spray - it will make your bag Green-Curry Proof (a harassed waitperson dropped a bowl of green curry on my GGH Sky Blue Day... which, to my immense relief, after a quick blot with the cheap paper napkins on the table, escaped absolutely unscathed and without a trace of curry smell).

    Canard is a great colour for day-to-night and all clothes and styles, which I suspect is more hardy than previous blues in that it is a very dark green-blue.
  11. I love canard. The color is so special!