Any comment on Canard Color?

  1. Hi,

    I consider buying a City RH in Canard Color. Previously i always wish to get a grey one, however now i might change my mind to get a Canard color.

    Can anyone share the comment about this color? Is this color nice and easy to match our clothes?

    This is the bag someone offering me. Is the color and leather nice? :p
  2. I love Canard! It is the blue with a little teal tone in there. It changes its color under different lighting, and it has a lot of "depth". IMO it goes well with almost any outfits. This is one of a few colors I like the most in 2010.
  3. I love canard! It reminds of 07 anthra. Just like what handbagangel said, it's blue with a little teal tone. The maxi twiggy I got has one of the best leather IMO, very wringly, thick and chewy, also mine has more teal than blue.

    BTW, I love blue, so I am bias.

    Good luck!
  4. I'm an oldies girl, but Canard is a new color that has seriously tempted me. I adore blues with teal undertones, and every photo I've seen of this color looks like scrumptious leather. :girlsigh:
  5. it's nice. but IMHO, i would go for a more brighter one.
  6. Canard is an amazing color that, like said above, goes with just about everything. I adore mine and will never part with them-never seen another bag with a color even close to it!!!
  7. At first when i looked at it, i thought it is dard grey! But then under different lighting, it seems like dark blue :smile:
  8. Canard is so beautiful color.I really love it.:smile:
  9. I love Canard, but with GH. To me, it's more a green colour as the teal is quite strong. But it's such an interesting colour.
  10. if you're into wearing jeans, canard is perfect! from the dark indigo jeans to those light stoned-washed pairs, the dark blue of the canard with the teal undertones esp. in the "lines" of the bag is just right for any shade of jeans:smile:
  11. Same here, Canard seems growing on me!:love:
  12. At first I was not big Canardian... but after using my Canard RGGH Town, I realise it is THE most versatile colour I've ever bought - beating even my Anthra!

    The Canard is blueish/greenish/with the depth of Anthra, and I really do think it's fabulous for all shades and colours of clothes, all styles of dressing, and all types of dress-codes - from casual to dressy to formal.

    It is the one colour I will not be selling to fund other Bbags!
  13. It is a truely gorgeous colour, like others said this colour is so vesatile and go with everything. My Canard RGGH City has a strong teal undertones which I absolutely love it.
  14. I also am a HUGE fan of Canard.
    I have a Canard RGGH PT &i t is one of my favs.
    It's such a changes colour from a teal green to a darkish blue depending on lighting etc.
    If you're not sure ask the seller if they will accept refund/exchange/returns, if you don't like it.....Good luck :smile:
  15. Yes and yes. Canard is an amazing chameleon colour. It seems to go with everything.