Any colour fading for mono idylle speedy sepia?


Oct 18, 2010
After seeing the clubhouse thread on mono idylle, I am in LVoe with the speedy 30 sepia. TPFers who owns such model, do you see any COLOUR fading on the bag if used overtime everyday? Also, I am concerned about piling. Please share your experience.
Jun 5, 2010
Cincinnati, Ohio
I have a couple of the Idylle bags and I'm not familiar with any color fading but I haven't used them on a daily basis. They really should not fade. My SA said that these bags are water resistant, snag resistant, and should remain the same look over time with reasonable use. He said that it's much more improved compaired to the Mini Lin, and I had that, too, and never had any problems with it. He did say that with this color and the Encre there is always a chance of color transfer if you were really dark jeans that haven't been washed a few times, but that goes with any of the lighter color (non-brown) bags. Hope that helps!

Amy Bredemus

Purse Hungry!
Oct 15, 2010
San Antonio, TX
I own the Idylle Speedy in Sepia and the Idylle Romance in Fusain and I have had no trouble with fading, piling or color transfer. Be very careful though setting your bag down (on dirty surfaces) and kids and their dirty hands. Like my four boys who just LVoe mommy's purses and their cheeto stained hands!!!