Any colors not to wear with Burberry handbag?

  1. Hello, I'm rather new here. So forgive me until I figure out how everything works over here.

    I :heart: Burberry! I have a pair of slip on tennis shoes, a watch, and 2 purses. I had to give up on my dream of the Burberry diaper bag and stroller. My DH just wouldn't go for the last two. I still really want the stroller though...

    I just got a larger tote bag as I seem to carry more stuff. The tote bag has the traditional Burberry plaid on it with patent black handles. I feel like I should only carry it when I am wearing neutral colors. Is there any truth to that? Can I wear it with any color? Or are there some colors I should stay away from while using my Burberry?
  2. i think you can wear the novacheck bag w/ just about any color, because imo the bag itself is kind of a neutral. i just wouldn't wear it w/ any crazy prints, that would be too much. i get many compliments on my bag, and what people seem to admire most is that the bag goes w/ neary everything.
  3. Personally, I'd avoid neon colors but that might just be me? I've worn mine with all kinds of colors (minus neon) and it's gone well with all of it. I find it goes well with solids and prints that aren't too wild like nines said above.
  4. yeah, i think neon would be a bit too much... plus it doesn't look good on my pale & freckley skin;).
  5. The plaid will go with alot.
  6. I think you can well wear it with any colour, and I would follow to_the_nines advice: avoid multicoloured prints
  7. That bag is such a classic and anything classy should do. Rules? No. Keeping it simple, yes always a yes.

  8. LOL, got me laughing on this one! :p:yes:, not a fan of neon pants either:graucho:

  9. yeah, this is a good idea! :idea: i was about to say that it would look great with anything:nogood:
  10. i agree with you!:yes:
  11. Dont where any bright green.