Any colorists here?

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  1. So I had my hair bleached and dyed over with temporary turquoise, which after many washes has faded out to a light green. I don't think it's going to fade any more (it's been months), and I want to dye over it with a coppery red (think 8.43 or 8.4).

    My question is: will it take well over the green? I'm afraid it might turn out a muddy brown or something else?

    If so, would I need to bleach it again to get all of the remaining green out?
  2. Did you already try the Colorista Fader Shampoo by L'Oreal to get rid of the remainig colour?
    I tried the temporary Colorista Indigo to get my grey hairs blue (loved it, but my boss did not :P) and used the Shampoo before I dyed them in my natural hair colour again after a few weeks of blue wonder.
  3. You'll need to strip it first. It likely won't take in the color you want. Think of it like laying color down on a color wheel.

    I am not a professional but I have been doing my own hair for quite a few years, and even my former stylist has complimented my cut/color technique. There are some color strippers on the market (color oops being the first that comes to mind) as well as some DIY methods that involve mixing anti dandruff shampoo (or clarifying) and crushed vit c tablets, anti dandruff/clarifying shampoo and baking soda, or a bleach bath, which is a mix of bleach, developer, and shampoo.

    Blue is quite stubborn but I once had blue hair and went to a rosy pink. I went the bleach bath method and was happy with the lift. It wasn't a perfect platinum after but the green was faint enough that it didn't really effect my results. It was the first time I'd bleached my own hair and I'd heard so many horror stories, but I didn't fry it even after the bleach bath. I just knew that the blue wouldn't lift enough otherwise.

    I took a look at this site yesterday as I'm bleaching my hair this week and hoping to go very light. I find that looking at a variety of tutorials helps me in terms of looking at the shade your current hair is (same color, etc) and the result achieved with a certain method.

    Good luck!
  4. So I'm not a colorist myself so take my advice with a grain of salt. I was told by my friend that Vitamin C helps her strip the color from her hair. She usually does very tacky colors and they always turn out well, so I think her advice is good. Also read somewhere that soap, well dish soap, helps strip the color from the hair. I wouldnt just color over the green you have, it'll just mix and you'll get the results you will not be happy with!
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  5. Hello there. Do not dye over the green or it will turn out horrible. And I would be careful stripping the color as many of these methods can be very drying. If you’re patient, you can travel along the color wheel for a less damaging method. For example, one could easily go from red to purple to blue and then green. I’d recommend doing a consult with a colorist.
  6. Yup, just go to a colorist and it will be free for most cases (just say you have to run after lol)

    At least the salons here I go to doesn't charge
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