Any color transfers on azur? who SMed their azur?

  1. I'm awaiting a few azur items and I'm just wondering how some of you have taken care of your azur pieces. I've heard some people experienced color transfers onto their azur from say... jeans. I wonder whats the actual likelihood of that! :sweatdrop:

    Also, who has shiny monkey-ed their azur products? Did you shiny monkeyed only the vachetta or the canvas also? Thanks
  2. My pochette has been fine and I wear jeans all the time! When I sit at a restaurant and I have a pochette, I usually set it in my lap since it's so tiny, and I haven't had a problem.
  3. I have the azur speedy 25 and although I SM'd it...I got a tiny bit of color transfer on the handle from my dark demin jeans...not sure how it got there but the handle must have rubbed up on against my jeans when I was walking?!
  4. Yeah, there is colour transfer. I have the saleya GM (BIG!) so the bottom edge of the bag is always leaning against my hips. I've worn this dark, dark, navy blue pair of jeans for several months now and it's gone through many washes, but there's still colour transfer...:shrugs:
  5. What a drag- color transfer!
  6. I have ordered Apple Garde and Shine Monkey and am refusing to use this speedy until then.... but I think I'm going with the Shine Monkey......

    but I'm so tempted to just use what I got at home---KIWI STAIN AND WATER PROTECTOR! I used it on my Petit Bucket- and where the strap was- on the piece that is sewn to the bag- there is a color difference from the actual strap covering the sewn piece--- anyways, I sprayed......sprayed twice ......... and no change in color!

    sooooooooo tempted to just go KIWI....
  7. ^Think twinkle.tink also uses Kiwi and stands by this product. Others also atest to Wilson's and Shining Monkey.
  8. i have had the pochette since it was released and havnt had any color transfer on the canvas, which i assume is what you are worried about. It sits on my lap and i usually wear jeans and it has been fine. Of course i am more carefull of the vachetta strap because i wouldnt be surprised if that got color transfer if i wasnt careful.
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  10. My speedy 30 for the azur is stained as well due to my jeans but it depends on what type of jeans you wear, the heavy dark blue dyed jeans might be easier to stain your azurs.