any college professors or PhD students?

  1. Well, not sure if I'll stick it out to be a professor one day, but I'm doing a PhD! :yes:

    Its in biology (not sure the exact field, something like biochem/neuropharm/mol bio)
  2. love this thread! great idea.

    I just finished my PhD (yipee!) in strategic management accounting and currently hold a posdoctoral fellowship (research). I will be teaching accounting in all variations when I get a lecturer position
  3. I start my PhD in Russian Literature in August. I'll be TA-ing Russian 101 in the Fall.
  4. Currently doing a PhD in developmental psychology. 2 - 3 years left!
    Although this school year I will be teaching introductory psychology....and I've never been nervous before about teaching, but lately I've been having nightmares about the first day of class LOL
  5. Doctoral in Clinical Psychology, but I definately don't want to be a professor.
  6. ^^^^oh really? I didn't know that! PsyD or PhD? Your in chitown area right? So...Loyola? LOL
    We're like neighbors...doing similar degrees!
  7. I am an English Professor, I teach both literature and composition. I totally adore teaching college, never a dull moment and I was glad to never have to leave academia.
  8. I am doing my PhD in Justice, Law, and Crime Policy, but I don't know yet whether I want to teach or do applied research.
  9. I'm technically an instructor: I have an MS and teach at a university. One day I'll go for a PhD, when more school offer one in my field.
  10. I have my MEd and prior to being pregnant for the past three years (pretty much) I was a lecturer teaching Introduction to Education classes in our state university system part-time. Hope to go back for my Ed Doctorate when babies are older.
  11. wow! sounds totally cool!!!!!!
  12. Hoping to get my Ph.D in Physics within the next year or two.
  13. ^ wow merika - i was such a loser in physics - my respect! is that your first one? i thought you talked about computer science? or did I get something mixed up?
  14. WOW Merika...very impressive!

    Jillybean: How cool.....good luck TAing!
    TAing & teaching are the favorite part of my graduate studies!
    I'm not sure either if I was to go the liberal arts route, or go to a research 1 university! Big dilemma! I've still got a couple years to figure it out though!