any colic tips?

  1. My sweet baby girl turns into a raving/screaming/crying ball of fury every night at 9pm. Up until now I would like to think that we have been handling it pretty well but I feel like I am slowly losing my mind here. She is 9 weeks old already so I just keep telling myself only 3 more weeks till it starts hopefully getting better....probably longer, maybe 5 weeks ?, since she was born early (c-section at 37 weeks) and started her colic late.

    Anyway, I just really needed to vent and see if anyone else is in the same boat and has some suggestions on how best to try and soothe her????
  2. Have you tried gripe water? Theres an english brand called Woodwards which works amazingly. I think its the fennel in it that helps. Im sure the ones in the pharmacy work well to like Mothers bliss, etc.
  3. You can try gripe water or make your own fennel 'tea'. Gas drops are also worth a try.

    Gas drops work fabulous for my son, but did nothing for my daughter...but the fennel 'tea' worked fabulous for her.

    Good way or another it should improve soon :smile:
  4. They make some bottles that help..dr. Smiths I think. They have a tube that runs up the middle. Look on baby's r us website.
  5. We have tried gripe water and ovol drops....both don't seem to do too much for babes. Also giving her probiotic drops which I am not too sure if they are helping or not? I have cut out pretty much all dairy and am eating a pretty limited bland diet.

    As for the bottle suggestion, she is EBF and currently won't take any bottles.

    We have been to the pediatrician as I was convinced that she had reflux but Doc says it's just colic, but she seems to be in so much pain that it feels like it has to be more. She rarely burps after feeding and has so much trouble passing gas. It is so hard to see her like this and really hard to take all the inconsolable crying! I live in fear of 9pm....sometimes we can keep her soothed and quiet but then it just kicks in later that night. Yesterday we managed ok at 9pm but then at midnight she was up screaming :sad:
  6. My oldest had "colic" for 9 months. Turned out to be GERD. Follow your instincts with your baby. If you feel it's something more keep pressing til you get answers.
  7. Go to a pediatric gastro specialist for consult.
  8. Fer sure!!!
  9. I had to change the way I fed DS as he would never burp either and would just scream and scream. Once I changed the way I fed him, our lives changed considerably as he would burp well after every feed and that made the world of difference to him.
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    I lived through it.
    Our DD was a screaming/crying mess most of her waking hours as an infant. Her pediatrician thought that she had reflux and colic. We tried Gripe Water, gas drops, etc. and nothing really helped. The only thing that made it better was time - as she got older, she cried less. Keep in mind, too, that many babies cry at a lot in the evening hours - Some people have actually dubbed it "the witching hours."
    Unless your little one seems like she is in serious pain, or has other complications, I don't really see the benefit of seeing a specialist, unless you think it's warranted.
  11. ^may I ask how long it lasted for you?

    I guess as a mother you want an answer as to why your baby seems to be in pain and won't stop is so hard not to think that it is something you are doing. I would hate to think that there is actually something wrong and that we dismissed it as simply colic.

    I was thinking reflux because she went through a stage where she would not sleep lying flat and was spitting up ALOT (even projectile onto the wall from her crib). But that seems to have passed and she will now sleep in her crib.
  12. ^Honestly, I don't remember how long it lasted (my DD is 8 years-old now). The worst crying went on for about the first 6 months and then started to dwindle. I still remember that even when she was about a year old, she would still wake and cry throughout the night a few nights each week. My DD was born at 38 weeks and I really felt like she wasn't "ready" yet (my doctor accidentally broke my water during a routine doctor visit and I went into labor). She was only 5 lbs/2 oz and we just felt like her digestive system was not functioning properly, which had something to do with her colic & reflux. She spit up a lot too.
    Certainly take your little one to a specialist if you think it's something more.
  13. My daughter had colic, too. The only time she didn't scream was when she was sleeping or eating, and she didn't sleep that much. She would only sleep on me or in bed with me, because I could never set her down. Yeah, I didn't leave the house the whole time. Gripe water and gas drops didn't work. It got much better at 3 months old, and I was finally able to get her to sleep in a crib at 4 or 5 months old. By 4 or 5 months old, she turned into a really easy going, sweet baby.

    We used a bouncer and bounced her all the time, our wrists would get tired from constantly bouncing it all the time. Also, you might try something like a moby wrap that helps you to keep her close to you while you're doing things around the house or if you want to go for a walk. You can even maneuver the Moby wrap to breastfeed her discreetly while you're wearing her, if you want. Constant movement and breastfeeding all the time were the only things that consoled her. It does end.
  14. Which probiotic drops are you using? Bio Gaia is the only probiotic that had clinical studies supporting their use in colic. Just how some antibiotics are used for ear infections, others for strep throat, etc. different probiotics have different benefits. May be worth giving BioGaia a try if that isnt what you are using.
  15. What did you do exactly? More upright positioning?