Any Cole Haan experts on? +

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  1. Can you identify this bag/the season?

    Mine doesn't have the suede.. it's all the outer leather. It also has silver hardware whereas the one in the picture has gold. The leather has gotten a bit dry... Not dry enough to crack, but it's been around for a few years and it's not as buttery as it used to be. I'm thinking of conditioning it. Shouldn't have any problems since it's black.

    Anyhoo... I want to know how much you ladies think it would sell for on I know nothing about the resale value of Cole Haan or whether this bag was even desirable. Thank you!:tup:
  2. See if you can find it on ebay and do a search for completed auctions, that will tell you what the bags have sold for.
  3. I did. This bag is from a few seasons ago, and that's why I was hoping that someone could help me identify the exact season and the name.

    I spent about an hour going through endless Cole Haan ebay items and I didn't see it! *frown*
  4. Let's see, how about emailing a pic to I've fond their customer service to be outstanding. They should be able to give you all the specs pertaining to that bag.
  5. Thanks! I emailed them a picture but I haven't heard back yet (weekend). Hopefully they will be able to help.

    I doubt they will be able to tell me what it is worth on Ebay, lol! So I'm going to bump this thread to see if anyone knows. I searched all the bags on ebay and didn't see anything!