Any codes for

  1. Hey guys!~

    Need a coupon code for sale items at Anyone have any?
  2. "toutie" for 20% off. Enjoy!
  3. i think that's only for non-sale items :sad:
  4. Have you guys ordered from them before? I ordered and received my UPS tracking number on 1/31/07, but it still hasn't left their facility yet! There is no tracking information yet. Seems like quite a long time to hold onto a package. I'm getting a little frustrated. I've written them but no response. I haven't tried calling yet.
  5. I guess I should have added....I used toutie for that order and recieved 15% off...not 20. Maybe they have changed it? It also worked for sale items.
  6. I've ordered from them before with no problems :smile: