Any codes for stores ( selling rebecca minkoff bags?

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  1. I am looking for a morning after bag from Rebecca Minkoff. Not sure about mini or regular size but probably the reg. size. There is one particular one I want at but I'd be estatic to get at least 20% on the bag if anyone out there has any codes :smile:

    Thank you so much...!
  2. I just bought a MA mini from Label 360. Use "Toutie36" for 36% off (free shipping) OR get 25% off at Tobi with "GIVEGET." Luna Boston had a 25% off code ("grechen25"), but I think it expired could always give it a try.

  3. Thanks for that! Oddly enough the Label 360 site doesn't show any MA bags, but the Tobi site has one there that I like. I just can't decide between the blue/black MA bag or the black basket-weave one that's on the Delcina site. I posted a new thread under the general bag talk section in regard to this. Like the look of the bags but really can't afford to get one without a deal of some kind... :sad: And need to make sure I'm making the right choice...
  4. I had the same dilemma and after much thought and looking at the actual Minkoff website prefer the Matinee. The MA is more boxy in shape and the Matinee carries better imho.

    I love the basket weave one you, I almost ordered it, but then the Matinee won me over.

    Hope this helps. I'm not aware of any codes for Delcina.

    Good luck with your decision. I know it's not easy!!!
  5. If you can wait a possible 4 -6 weeks for delivery, you can email label360 about ordering the bag you want. Not all bags are available for special order, but it's worth inquiring and they will honor the 36% off if you mention it now.
  6. I would love to do that, but I haven't been able to get a hold of anyone. They don't answer phones or emails.
  7. I just got back from Nordstrom. They have 3-4 Rebecca Minkoff on sale for $300-ish. I am not familiar with the brand so I didn't know the style name. Phone number for Nordstrom is (310) 470-6155.
  8. I just called and the saleslady seemed pretty convinced that they didn't sell RM bags. I never know what to do in this situation...yelling "But i saw it on the purse forum!" probably wouldn't get me very far...
  9. Heheh, I am sorry daniela127. I guess I could have as the SA to put them on hold for a day... Maybe the SAs were very familiar with brands?
  10. I did speak to someone in handbags! Do you remember what colors you saw? If it's a color I want maybe it's worth some hassle to get it...
  11. Nordstroms did have RM bags on sale a few weeks ago - in coincided with the Half-Yearly sale. As far as I know all of the RM bags sold out (there were lots of discussions on TPF) - but it's very possible that a people returned some (some people bought two unsure of the style/color) and maybe they're showing back up. The Matinee was marked down to $304 and the MA was $294 (some places it was $274). It certainly wouldn't hurt to call a few Nordstroms to see if they have any. You might get lucky & find one that was recently returned!! (or maybe there was one hidden in back that the SAs just found!)
  12. I saw a redish/purple one, a light brown one and maybe a black one.
  13. forevercla, do you know if they were all matinees? or were there any morning after or morning after minis?
  14. Thanks for all the feedback!

    Luvinmybags, I did email Label 360 with a query so will see what they say about pre-ordering and a 36% discount...

    Contessa, is the Matinee (IYO) suitable as a work bag? Not sure it can fit as much as the MA bag. It certainly looks a bit groovier than the MA but not sure it's big enough.

    Plus, I have a fear that if I carry the Matinee over my shoulder, it'll end up looking like a giant wiener :wlae: Not that there's anything wrong with that. I should prolly check out pics of someone wearing the Matinee b4 judging.