any codes for sites selling botkier?

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  1. i'd really love to get a botkier bianca (medium) if anyone knows of any codes for sites that might sell them, it'd be greatly appreciated!!thanks!
  2. The websites and are great resources to find coupon codes for tons of stores that sell Botkier like revolve clothing (REVOLVEINSTYLE for 20% off) and jcmadison (toutie or GRECHEN for 20% off). Hope this helps ;)
  3. There is no code, but Shopbop had the medium one on sale, bronze color only, for 30% off. It's gone right now, but it has been popping up every couple of days.
  4. Does Shopbop ever have coupon codes? Right now they have the Bianca (small) on sale for 346.50
  5. It's pretty rare for Shopbop to have codes, only a few times a year. Thanksgiving is coming up, so maybe soon?
  6. thanks ladies i appreciate it!