Any codes for sites carrying Paige jeans?

  1. I'm looking to purchase a pair of Paige jeans but since they are $160, it would nice to find them on sale????
  2. carries them, if you sign up for their email list they will send you a one time use code for 30% off. I used it the other night to buy COH, they have great CS too.
  3. Thanks! I will definetly use that. As for my Paige jeans, they don't carry the ones I want. :sad: I found the perfect pair on BlueBee. com. Any codes for this site?
  4. Not sure if it works but its worth a try, I found this on Google...>

    Use Promo Code: Livenatty for 15% and free ground shipping. ... Blue Bee boutique has the exclusive Paige Premium Denim clothing line. ...

  5. There is a store by me called SMith BROS in Marlton NJ...I just bought 3 pairs of new Paige jeans there this week...They usually have a 20% off sale every month..there is one right now...I use Kelly there..she is amazing.They have a website...but its best to call the store
  6. Did you try I got my last pair of Paiges from there and they always have a good code to use:smile: