Any Codes For Shopbop???

  1. Hi...I'm looking for a code for Shopbop but can't find any. If anyone knows of a code and will post it, I will really appreciate it!!! TIA!!!
  2. No luck!! They barely have codes and they just finished one with "handbag" code for 20% off a day ago.:yes:
  3. They basically never have codes. Occasionally around a holiday they will have a $20 off $100, $50 off $200 type of promotion.

    Some people randomly get mailed 20% off codes, but they aren't transferable.
  4. most Shopbop codes are just posted on their website anyways. the other codes are 1 time use codes.
  5. I got an email with 'reminder' to use my 20% code which was never actually sent to me but I immediately called and applied it to the order I placed. So, search your mailbox frequently, they might send you codes every ones in a while.