Any codes for

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  1. Does anyone have a code for TIA :love:
  2. I'd love to know too! I see some Tarina Tarantino stuff I'd love to have :graucho:
  3. That's what I'm looking at too!! :yes: I'd even be happy with 10% off. My BF agreed to buy me a TT necklace but I can't let him pay full retail price it's just too much. :shame: 10% would soften the blow a little bit!
  4. Awwww how sweet of him! You NEED a code! My bf always says things like, "I thought our relationship was based on more than just 'stuff'." :rolleyes:

    ANYway, I'll keep my eye out for you, I know there has to be a promotion going on about now. :yes:
  5. Guys are :nuts:!! I knew I had to wait for the exact right moment to ask for it or else he'd call me :nuts:. He's feeling generous right now and he's got nothing else to waste his $$$ on so he agreed to it! I just can't see spending $188 for some sparkly plastic. That's :nuts:!!

    The free shipping and no tax helps out a lot, that's why I'm going to buy it at regencies b/c every other online store under the sun is based in CA :cursing:

    If you happen to come across any codes, please let me know!! My BF's cc will greatly appreciate it! :lol: