Any codes for JCMadison or Luna???

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  1. I'd like a Mercer Hayden Harnett Wallet but I missed that sale by one day. Yesterday the wallets were 88.00 on the HH site and now they are 110.
  2. (source:

    20% off with code GRECHEN

    Luna Boston
    20% off with code 'grechen'
  3. Thanks! Hayden gave me a 15% off coupon with my new Hobo but this is cheaper. Gotta check out the color selections and decide. Thanks a bunch! This Group is the greatest place to shop! :yes: Where else can you ask for a 20% off and get it in minutes!
  4. And I want to add: personally I prefer Luna Boston because they have the free return shipping policy and very nice customer service. It takes jcMadison 14 business days to issue a refund according to their website, and there is no return shipping covered either. In reality, I have shopped from both sites. Luna Boston has proved their great service, while jcMadison still hasn't issued my return credit yet when they received the shipment on Dec.26th. (I'm not saying jcMadison did anything that does not agree with their stated policy. I'm just trying to say, it's easier and faster with Luna Boston if you don't have sale tax concerns.)
  5. Oh, one more thing: the 'grechen' code can only be used for jcMadison ONCE for each customer, i.e. one account once.
  6. luna boston has incredible customer service. i've had some issues with a kooba bag i bought there and they've been outstanding! i would shop from them again and highly recommend them!