Any coach's left not made in China?

  1. I love all of my older coach bags and would have liked to had a couple more,but I cant seem to find any not made in China.Does anyone know which styles if any that are made here or anywhere else besides China?
  2. I know. I don't think so and I hate that. I have a huge American Coach collection and I hate not being able to add to it.
  3. I'm pretty sure all the new bags are being made in China. I have found some great vintage/classic bags on eBay...I usually search title and description for "Coach New York" or "Coach Italy" since it will say on the creed where it was made and hopefully the seller will put that in the description.
  4. I wish Coach would still produce products in the USA also. They are charging more and more for their bags, but still shipping their work out overseas???:tdown::shrugs::nogood:
  5. i have always wonder how much it REALLY COST to make a coach bag and what the mark up is? I remember watching on tv the cost making pair of nike's was sooo cheap then they resell them for ten times more i wonder if that is why coach went to china just like nike it is def frustrating
  6. Some of the men's items are made in India, and the exotics and some of the LE bags are made in Italy, but that's all I know of besides China at the moment. :shrugs:
  7. Hmm...

    I am not sure... I would love a vintage New York bag, that would be soooo cool!
  8. Great question! :tup:

    I want my first leather Coach bag to either be made in the US or Italy. It's a longshot at this point but I'm really stubborn about it.

    When did Coach first start making their bags in China?
  9. I think it was in 2000.

    I have one made in Italy from 1999. The Gramercy top handle.
  10. That Gramercy is SWEET!

    I posted all my vintage bags in the "Coach Collection" thread. I have a couple from NYC and Italy. The blue crescent bag I got for $58 on eBay...and it is almost exactly like one they just had at the outlet for over $400 (except the outlet bag had the Legacy stripe lining).
  11. It's a shame. It's not like they lowered their prices when they moved the work over to China in 2000. They prices have been higher and higher and you know that their cost to produce went down or they wouldn't have moved production there in the first place. It's all about the mighty $$$$$
  12. There was an article that said Coach has a 71% mark up which is one of the highest in the markup. I don't mind that they are made over in China. We have had this discussion on this forum a lot and people are very mixed on their beliefs. I think it should be avoided like politics and religion.
  13. ^^ I agree, plus more and more bags are being made in China and some factories in Italy have imported Chinese workers to make their very high end bags so I don't think it's anything that's going to change. Francesco Biasia bags were always made in Italy, but they've switched over almost 100% to China too and they are heavily promoted as an "Italian" company. Also, that "made in" label is misleading - from what I've heard only one thing has to be assembled in Italy to qualify for the "made in Italy" label so often bags are almost completely made in China or elsewhere, shipped back to Italy for a final whatever and thus carry the "made in italy" label. I loved that Coach was made in the US when I bought my first bag, but it's a changing world and I still love Coach so what's a girl to do?

  14. Love your bag!
  15. Love your bag taralindsey! :tup: :tup: I wish they made bags like that again...