Any Coach Wristlets Large Enough.....

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  1. to hold a Blackberry? I'd like to buy one but I want it to be large enough to hold my Blackberry. Otherwise I don't need it..because I take my Blackberry I think the wristlets are so cute.

  2. I think one of the kiss locks would work. If you cant find one, then definitely
    a cosmetic case would hold it! I am wanting to get a smaller cosmetic bag because they are just a little bigger than the wristlets (which I LOVE) and I could get all of my essential stuff in there.
  3. Are you just carrying the blackberry alone in it or do you want to put other stuff into it? Alone, I would say any of the 4 x 6 wristlets would do nicely. The frame wristlets are slightly larger and would certainly hold one plus other stuff as well. There are some larger size wristlets that are about 4 x 7 too.

    Here's a frame sample:

    eBay: BRAND NEW w/tags COACH LuReX Frame Wristlet $128 Retail (item 300088328897 end time Mar-12-07 21:50:57 PDT)


    4 x 7 sample:

    eBay: NWT COACH SIGNATURE TYE DYE WRISTLET 7545 KHAKI (item 180092757247 end time Mar-12-07 21:15:00 PDT)


    Good luck, I'm sure there are plenty of choices.
  4. The New Carly Wristlets Would Work I'm Sure! :yes:

    Carly Wristlet-
  5. thats give me an idea to place my treo :jammin:
  6. i don't know what a treo or a blackberry is but now i want one so i have to buy something cute to put it in. i think gayman (roommate) wants a blackberry, imma ask him lol!
  7. they are pda/phone

  8. My Blackjack fits in mine, so I'm pretty sure a Blackberry would fit as well!!
  9. Thanks Ladies. I'm going to look at all of those you mentioned and then I'll decide.
    This board is wonderful!:smile:
  10. Inside of most Coach purses are two pockets: one large enough to fit a regular cell, one large enough to fit either an ipod or a pda. I keep my blackberry in the larger pouch.

    I think burberry makes a pouch especially designed to fit the blackberry.
  11. Yes, it does. I just tried :biggrin:
  12. Legacy wristlet will fit a blackberry. But you can't fit much else in at the same time, just some credit cards, chapstick, but that's about it.
  13. The new patchwork and scribble wristlets are HUGE!!! I didn't get it because it was!
  14. Some wristlets are bigger than th regular sized ones. Two that comes to my mind is the scribble ones and the soho twill ones.


    Not sure if it can fit that though.