Any Coach Sales @ Macy's?

  1. Going to the mall in a few, has anyone seen any % off Discounts for Coach at Macy's lately?
  2. This is pretty late response, so sorry if you're already gone shopping....

    Macy's has their Handbag and Shoe event and many older styles of Coach are 50% off original price. I saw many Camel Leather Carlys, Demi bags in Canvas and Denim, watercolor, Camel and Black ergo (leather) and sig ergo hobos in Khaki.
  3. This weekend they are having a 20% off anything, including Coach if you donate $5 to the Aids foundation.
  4. the coupon i had said excluding coach on the back
  5. Thanks Ladies! I wasn't able to make it to the Mall yesterday, hopefully I can go today! I hope they have the 50% off on selected items in my store! I am hoping they have the Optic Chelsea Satchels!