Any clinique Diehards out there?

  1. I've been using their 3 step program for years! I also use the thermal pore refiner as well and love it :smile:

    Do you use Clinique skin care....what is your normal regimen?
  2. Twig,

    I don't use Clinique but my mother uses it and won't use anything else. There's one product that Clinique makes that I really like. Moisture Surge Extra. That stuff is wonderful.
  3. I use the moisturizer all the time...I use to use all three steps, and I have to say Clinique is a good bang for your buck. I also use their mascara and eye makeup remover, the mascara is really good,no clumps in my experience.
  4. I like Clinique products! I use the 3-Step program too :biggrin:
  5. My sis has a lot of firiends that work at the Clinique and Lancome part of Macys and was told that if you are over 25 you shouldnt be using the Clinique 3 step because its too harsh on aging skin and the Clinique SA suggest my sis (who is 33) try something more geared towards her age group because if she didnt it would like putting really harsh chemicals on her face. I do use the 3 step process but I plan on changing soon when I turn 22.
  6. I used to use it, but have now changed to Dermalogica. I love DDML. Really really love the gel version- very light and oil-free, but very hydrating at the same time.
  7. I use the moisturizer&facial bar..I love it!.
  8. Does anyone use the Clinique pore minimizer cream? I am thinking about getting it, but I have read mixed reviews on Clinique, so I wondered if it actually works before I get it.
  9. I ever used some Clinique products as I wouldn't pay that much for other brand with higher price. Lastly, I have to pay more for those Sisley ranges.

    Pay extra for sth. better.

    The only one clinique that ok is a conditioning lip balm. It is the only clinique product that I am still using.
  10. I just stocked up yesterday and am trying some new products. I'm hitting 30 later this year, so I am planning on buying some new products geared toward 'older' women (ack wrinkles LOL)
  11. I only use the pore minmizer, and it's working really really well.
  12. i have used it, its worth it IMO
  13. I use their exfoliator, toner, and recently started using their yellow moisturizing lotion again. I usually use Cetaphil face moisturizer, but I broke out which is strange since I haven't before so I'm mixing things up for now.
  14. I've been using the Clarifying Lotion #2 for years now and I love it!
  15. ITA! I actually stopped using it when I was 16, cause it made my skin so dry!