Any clinical psychologists out there??

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  1. Hi All!

    I'm getting ready to apply to doctoral school this fall! I'm starting to get anxious about the process. I need to retake my general GRE this summer. I'm wondering if anybody can give me tips about their application process to clinical schools? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :yes:

  2. It depends where you apply, all of them have different processes. Two differences, there are traditional universities, such as USC, and there are "professional schools" which are more clinical and less research, there are a bunch that have sprung up and a lot of people in the field consider them to be degree mills although most of them are APA approved, most, not all. I am sure that most of the schools have online information for you to review.
  3. Hi Irishgal,

    I'm planning on applying to Ph.D programs only. I thought about PsyD, but decided that in the long run, I'd rather have the training of a Ph.D.

    I'm interested in knowing how people contacted their POIs and any advice on personal statements, interviews, and what type of experience people had in their research interests before applying to doctoral programs.

    I am interested in working with substance abuse, and will have some experience working with the population in an applied clinical setting, but don't have much research experience on substance abuse, although I do have research experience in family studies and behavioral studies.
  4. In what state do you plan to attend grad school?
  5. I'm planning on applying mainly in Texas, New Mexico, California, Arizona.
  6. I'm in a PsyD program right now. Good luck:smile:
  7. Do you mind if I ask where you are doing your PsyD at?
  8. Good luck with your applications.