Any Cleveland-area PFers to check this out?

  1. I read in a travel magazine about Chagrin Falls 20 mi se of cleveland. Supposedly there is great high-end shopping there, including Hermes and the author of the article was drooling over the birkins and kellys ON THE SHELVES!

    May need some investigation!! PF Road Trip!
  2. This sounds like a job for me! I am in Michigan- and you know what, it just might be time for a road trip! LOL!!!
  3. Wish I saw this before. I have lots of family that live right there. I can tell you in the past, my two cousins have visited that boutique on and off and each time they have gone they have seen birkins. I think on any given trip you just never know.

    I think Jag does need to roadtrip and give the report. Strap the baby in and go for a ride. How long of a drive?

    Either that or I need to get my cousins to report for us.
  4. Ohhh, KB can your cousins really go in and get a report? That would be fabulous!
  5. I am pretty close (about 30 minutes), and will try to check it out this weekend and report back. Do you know the name of the store?
  6. I could do a little begging Jag. ^^ (or visit the family to take a visit to the store)

    slc...the boutique is Hermes. Let me go see if I can get the address.
  7. is the info in case you want to try and go:

    At Cuffs
    18 East Orange Street
    Cleveland, OH 44022
    Tel. + 1 440 247 2828
    Fax + 1 440 247 1087
  8. Thanks for the information Kellybag. I will try to check it out this weekend. In case anyone else is looking for the store, it is actually located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio rather than in Cleveland, Ohio.
  9. At Cuffs does not have any Birkins right now but they have a 28cm Black Rigide Kelly in gold hardware.
  10. ^^ OMG .... the black box rigide Kelly 28 is on my wish list......:wtf:
  11. Get going funnyredhead!
  12. Next time we visit DH's family in Cleveland I want to check it out. :yes: Looks like a great shop.
  13. ...suddenly I have an uncontrolable desire to go to a relative's bar mitzvah in ohio that I swore I didn't have time for... seeing as how Hermes is my new religion it all makes sense, now
  14. You all are too silly
  15. Ooooh! I'm in southwest Ohio and I had read about this shop but for some reason I thought it was just scarves & ties! I'm heading to Cleveland!!