Any classic experts know what brand this bag is?

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  1. My MIL gave me this bag recently. She found out my love for Designer bags and I can't remember what brand she said it was. I wanna say Prada or Fendi or something like that. Does this bag look familiar to any of you gals? It even comes with a little coin purse. There's no label on it whatsoever.

    Frankly I thinks it's completely not my style but I would like to know WHAT on earth it is in case I ever plan to sell. Thanks in advance!

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  2. That looks 1960s vintage to me. People didn't always need 'names' in those days to discern quality.

    I don't think it's very valuable but it is kina cute.
  3. Maybe Koret? They did a lot of smooth leather classic bags with the little coin purse inside. Their trademark is a leaping antelope or some such creature.
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