Any CL500 owners out there?

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  1. So here is the deal, I have driven BMW for 20 years. I have had the 3 series, the M3, the M5, and currently have the 2006 530. I am just not feeling the excitment with BMW anymore. So today I looked at Mercedes and fell in love with the CL500. Wondering if anyone has one or has owned one, and if so could you give me the good bad and ugly?

  2. I dont have that exact model, but I have a S500 and I LOVE it. Mercedes is awesome! They are such amazing cars, I cant say enough about them. Im actually looking into trading mine in for a CLS. Im not sure I'll ever drive anything other than a MB again.
  3. I don't own one (I don't even have my driver's license yet! and I'mm 22!) but a good friend has one and I love it. I'm not an expert but I think the car drives very well and I like the interior. And of course it looks hot!
  4. not me J, but we have owned some Merc's before and I love them! Hope to get back into another soon!
  5. ^^^Well come on out and let's get a two for one!
  6. :woohoo:

    Can I cram my litter in it?:thinking:
  7. I think you can, the back seat is larger than it looks, the sales guy was tall but he was tucked in there real nice..
    I am going back tomorrow to take another test drive..
  8. I had a Mercedes, but sold it. I loved the features, how it handled, etc., but my car had some quality issues. Seems like I was always taking it back to the dealership and getting some little thing fixed. I bought it new in 2002 and sold it 2 years later. My mom had the same issues with her Mercedes.
  9. I have an ML 550 and my DH has a GL and an E Series sedan. Sorry, I can't remember which ones they are, specifically.

    Not exactly what you're looking at, but we are a Mercedes family and have been for years. Love, love, love our cars!
  10. i used to drive a mercedes and ithink the handelling on the car is great.. its a beautiful car and drives very well.. as for the cl500 a friend of mine owns it and she thinks its amazing..

    i personally LOVE the cls... ithink its beautful!! that will hopefully b my next car!!
  11. Did you mean the 550? :smile: The CL is one of my fave MB cars. It's gorgeous! We only have an E class so I wouldn't know about the CL's reliability and whether it has problems. I would buy it based on looks alone though! :P

    Here's a link to the CL forums on mbworld, maybe you could check it out:
  12. Get it girl!! The 09 is freakin beautiful! I like the way BMW handles, but the styling is not agressive enough for me. The only BMW I'd ever consider would be the M6. I had an 07 blk/blk E350 with the sports package and sold it 2 weeks ago. Well, I've never had a convertible and love how the SL is a hardtop convertible instead of a soft top. I just got an 07 SL55 AMG blk/blk about a week and a half ago and LOVE it. The E class is a great car, but I really don't need all that space. I originally went in to get the 09 SL550. Test drove it and loved it. Then my salesman said to me "Why don't you test drive this SL55?" OMG, the SL55 blew the doors off of the SL550. :nuts: The handling, the braking, and the suspension/ride is like nothing that I've ever experienced before. I've always been into cars and the 55 has the looks AND the horsepower. Have you test driven the CL yet? If you go in, test drive the CL550 first, then test drive the CL63 :nuts: . You'll find out exactly what I'm talking about. PM me if you need a referral. DF and I bought our last 3 benz from the internet sales fleet manager at Laguna Niguel. He gets us cars for a few hundred over invoice price. ;) Yes invoice, not MSRP.
  13. There a top car, i couldnt really scare you off it except u should buy a petrol tank. But u would have have that issue with ur BMW, I am a little upset with the fact that for the price of the car it should be perfect and it does have its up's and down's they may nothing in general, GOOD LUCK.
  14. same thing happened to family and friends, even w/BMW. If you don't drive much, a lease could be a better choice.
  15. well ive only test drove a mb (ml320 i tihnk) and i liked it but i went for the lexus rx instead, then when i got rid of it, i test drove c class and it wasnt doing anything for me so i went jeep instead and got my grand cherokee thats awesome, but sadly she got hit on friday and may have to go =(