any choco or whiskey paddies out there?

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  1. If anyone sees any chocolate or whiskey paddies out there for a good price (ie under $1000), please let me know! I think I want and need whiskey the most.:heart:
  2. I'm not sure you'll find a new whiskey for under $1000 right now, as I think the color has been discontinued. If you do, let me know where lol!!!!
  3. I saw an auth tan on ebay today but not a whiskey....I'll keep an eye out though! I hope you both find one.
  4. Ebay is your best bet, and you will probably only be able to get a "second hand" one for that price. Though, some second hand one's are in as new condition. Keep an eye out for newly listed ebay items and make sure your search includes international (I usually omit items cheaper than 450 so I dont have to look at fakes).