Any Chloe wallet deals?

  1. I'd love to know! Thanks!
  2. I got a long lock paddy wallet from bluefly at $409.00 with a 15% new customer coupon. It would have been $590.00 +tax at other places.

    But I have to mention the 'buy at your own risk' warnings of most about Bluefly. The wallet I got was authentic so I have no issues.
  3. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Has anyone ordered from this site before- do they guarantee authenticity? They have every style of Balenciaga in stock and sell Chanel bags!!
  5. ^ I'm wondering too since the Silverado bags are going for only about $600-$700.
  6. Diabro is described as top-notch in several forum threads. I placed an order for a Balenciaga City earlier today. They offer two methods of payment: bank account transfer or PayPal. I opted for the latter.

    I'll post my experience with them when order arrives next week. :whistle:
  7. Not sure what you're looking for, but has a few. I just ordered the large argent paddy wallet.
  8. Thanks Keokicat! :yes: