Any Chloe Paddys in Edinburgh?

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  1. My hubby and I work in the Middle East, but we're heading to the UK soon for a 10 day vacation. We'll be flying to Edinburgh for 5 nights during which time I hope to satisfy my craving to see (and possibly receive as an early Christmas present :graucho:) a Chloe Paddington. Does anyone know where I should look? I would love to see a regular Paddington satchel, but wonder if they're still available in stores. I'm so tempted to buy a nutmeg or black Paddy in the US Net-A-Porter sale, but I'd hate to buy and then find the style wasn't right for me, as returning it wouldn't be an option, so I need to be sure.
  2. Thanks rubylola, I'll definitely take a look in Harvey Nics and and Cruise when we're in Edinburgh in two weeks time.
  3. Have a great trip- Edinburgh is beautiful.