Any Chili Hudson's available? r/o

  1. Looking for a Hudson in Chili. Do you know if the MJ stores still have them? I haven't seen any at Nordstrom or anywhere online.


  2. ^ (As of the last time I asked my SA about their inventory) MJ boutiques sold out of every color except Chestnut.
  3. I think someone mentioned recently that it was still available at some dept store, perhaps it was Nordies? If you call around and ask, I'm sure an SA can do a centralized search for you.
  4. ive seen it around...i think some department store in San Francisco has one (maybe Barneys?)..there are some at short hills mall in nj.
  5. I saw a chili hudson at bloomies palo alto in a glass case last week. i just got my chili hudson from Nordies SF yesterday...they had to transfer it from nordies san diego. good luck!
  6. i was a nordies stonestown in san francisco, and they had a chili hudson that was a return.