Any CHI/ GHD deals?

  1. My Flat Iron just died....... need a new one but not ready for the hundred dollar price tags. Any coupons would be greatly used!!!!
  2. I am not sure about coupons but what about eBay? THats where I got my GHD.
  3. i got mine from folica for i think 70?
  4. I believe the F&F at Sephora is coming up in Nov
  5. ooh yay will u try ur best to remember to post this ( I don't get Sephora emails)!!
  6. Ulta is having some specials and they have a 20% off code Coupon Code 90637 on Ultra Chi's in the metallic colors are on sale for $129 then you get 20% on top of that.
  7. There are no Chi's online...
  8. has some Chi's at discounted prices here

    BUT, since Sephora F&F is coming up soon....I would totally suggest waiting it out to get the GHD from Sephora. I tried a friend's GHD and IMO the results were better than what I had gotten with a Chi.
  9. Ohh.. from what I remember has great deals from CHI. Just search form them. Looking at it now all dryers/irons are 23-55% off. =)