Any Charlottesville, VA or UVA tPFers?

  1. So it looks like I'm moving to Charlottesville, VA this summer. It wasn't where I thought I'd be moving, so I know absolutely nothing about Cville or UVA.

    Any tPFers live there, go/went to UVA?

    Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!:heart:
  2. I'm not in Cville but I'm from VA and have been to Cville many times. My sis went to UVA. I gather you are from NJ so the South might be a bit of an adjustment for you! But Cville is a lovely town in the mountains and is quite cultured for a college town. Are you going to be enrolled in the University?
  3. Welcome to Nowhereland!:p

    Don't expect too much shopping in that area, but you're like...2 hours from N.VA (Ah, that's lushland right there). Most of us folks from this area are used to long travel times, so if you want to do a shopping trip, I'm sure a lot of us would love to welcome you to the area!
  4. DUDE..did u get funding there?

    U didnt call and tell me biotch!!LOL!

  5. HAHAHA sorry! I'm waiting for the final offer, before I tell everyone. We're hammering out the exact amount of funding. So far I have tuition, health insurance and an itty bitty stipend! LOL no more purses for like five years!:crybaby:

    Elongreach and madame-thank you for the help! I've been checking out the shopping-LOL I guess it's a good thing there's no shopping. I won't be tempted to break my budget!
  6. Congratulations on getting in to UVA and getting funded:yahoo: What program are you in?
  7. I live in Northern VA, and I have been to Charlottesville, it's a beautiful area! Some of my friends go to UVA and they do enjoy it! Coming from NJ to VA is a big transistion, as VA seems to be more relaxed and no so fast paced as more metropolitan/city areas. You'll like it! Good luck!
  8. agreeed.........I live in NOVA, and we have a 2nd house in the blue ridge mountains, which is already plenty boring......We almost always go to Charlottesville, and go "shopping" if you could call it that