Any Chanel tPFers in SF Neimans today?

  1. I was in the Chanel boutique at Neiman's (San Francisco) today and a lovely blonde woman in black was looking at some really cute Chanel jewelry. She went off to look at Judith Leiber bags and brought back a beautiful butterfly bag that she told me to try on. Being the purse hound I am, I of course tried it on, it was to die for. I am so used to hanging out with all of you guys that it made perfect sense that I would follow a total stranger's instructions to try on a bag. (Now I know I am losing it) I was just wondering if she was a member here.
  2. isnt it amazing how the more high-end the purse is, the more women congregated in the area in the store where the purse is - bond and chat..............btw please describe butterfly bag!! a Chanel butterfly bag? oooooh, why havent i ever seen this baby?! :confused1: :heart:

    PS I am in Fla but know just what you mean....have gotten opinions on bags in Chanel depts. which have swayed me one way or the other!
  3. ^^^ I think she mean a JL butterfly bag not chanel :shrugs:

    Great story!
  4. Ooh, sorry it was a Judith Leiber bag that was the most beatiful blue butterfly, I thought it looked a bit over the top but then I tried it on!!!!
    I was in love (but penniless)
  5. I was there Wed night! I was on biz travel so I did not buy anything.