Any Chanel Tote Bag for $1000 or less?

  1. Hi. I'm trying to buy a bag for my girlfriend as her birthday gift. I'm not rich, but I think I saved enough for something.

    I was looking at eluxury and found this bag from Louis Vuitton:
    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - louis vuitton bucket , bucket bag , louis vuitton buc

    But a friend of mine told me that Chanel would be better if I'm going to spend that much. I tried check Chanel's website, but it doesn't show any bags or prices.

    I found this website and looked at the top two threads for reference. But it seems that most bags from Chanel for under $1000 are little purses.

    Could anyone recommend any Chanel bag for $1000 or less? A picture and price would be greatly appreciated. I would be willing to spend another $200, but that would put me over the budget. I'm trying to see if I could find anything comparable from Chanel to the Louis Vuitton bag in terms of size.

    I'm sorry if I sound stupid, but any help would be greatly appreciate.
  2. Please don't buy your girlfriend that Louis Vuitton bucket. That's the large one and really an odd size in my honest opinion. The petite bucket is a much better choice if you are thinking about Louis Vuitton.

    Tammy gave you a great recommendation for Chanel - the petite shopping is a great bag.
  3. Thanks for the reply and your advice.

    I did see that one. But I forgot to mention the color. I would prefer beige or peach color. Do you know if it comes in any of those color or just white as shown in the picture?
  4. Hi. I only picked that Louis Vuitton bag because I remember her looking at it in the store and she seemed to be very interested in it. She's kind of tall. I'm assuming that's why she wanted the larger size.
  5. Ah, OK.:shame:
  6. Hello again,

    I saw this bag in one of the threads. I'm interested in this one. By chance, does anyone know if they have this one in a smaller size and maybe for around $1000?
  7. You're girlfriend is very lucky to have a boyfriend who would be so giving. Ion't know anything about Chanel or even LV for that matter, but i am a woman. If your girlfriend showed interest in the LV bag, then get her that one. To say that Chanel is a better buy than LV is a matter of taste, not like when you buy a car and can say "Mercedes is a better car than a Hyundai." It's more like saying "Mercedes is a better car than a BMW". Just a matter of taste.

    Your girlfriend already showed her preference. If you show up with a Chanel bag, she might be disappointed. Unless you know she likes Chanel, don't do it.

    We're talking alot of money. Be sure.:smile:
  8. I think this comes in the petite size as well, $1095.....I'm very interested in this bag also, I'm between it and a caviar classic flap, they're both so pretty but I def. think you get a little more for the money with the petite shopper, but then the classic flap is sooooo classic, it's a toss up, the shopper is def. more cost effective though...good luck on your choice!
  9. I know she likes Chanel also. She occassionally looks at them, but I don't recall what she likes. We can't afford luxury items all the time and I know she needs a bag. That's why I'm looking to get a luxury bag for her birthday. I personally would prefer Chanel because it looks better than the Louis Vuitton bag.
  10. Hi.
    I'm not sure where you're located, but I was told the small tote bag is available in beige color in New York City area. I called the 800 number and I was told it's available on 57th Street and Spring street.
  11. Just a question. Is this a surprise gift? If not or if it doesn't have to be, you might want to let her pick a bag herself. Bags are a very personal taste kinda thing. Ya know? If it does have to be a surprise, remember that the Chanel bag you've been looking at might be beautiful but not exactly the most practical bag to take to work. Maybe just for going out, in which case, it would be way to big.
    See what happens when you ask a woman's opinion.:smile:

    BTW, the Chanel bag you're thinking of buying is very pretty.
  12. yes! get the petit shopper i have it in black! the beige one is :love: and so is the white..and red...and brown!
  13. This is a really great gift...and I am sur she will be so...excited with whatever you give to her. I, personally like both bags alot. I think the Chanel is a bit more does your GF normally dress, what kind of job does she have, can we have just a few details about her????
  14. It's a surprise gift. We don't usually buy luxury items like this. It took me a while to save up for this gift. Worse case scenario, she doesn't like the bag and return it. She can use the money and buy a Louis Vuitton bag.

    May I ask why you don't think this bag would be practical to use for work? I haven't seen the actual bag myself. I've only seen the bag in pictures so far.