Any Chanel Sales in the OC or LA?

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  1. Hi, Do any of you in the Los Angeles or Orange Co., CA area know if NM, Saks, or any other store will be putting Chanel handbags on sale??
    thanks :smile:
  2. wow, hun I think you missed them!!! early last week SAKS, NM were having presale which included chanel. You should call them and ask if anything is left for presale.
  3. Chanel Beverly Hills / June 6th - 8th
  4. Nordstroms in Canoga Park CA had 3 different bags on sale, check Chanel Boys listing of sale items.... The large black bag he has listed is available at Nordstroms in CA and there is one reporter left in brown as of today
  5. Could you give me the phone number of the store that had the reporter?

  6. 818 884 7900 ask for Kat she helps out in Chanel and very nice
  7. mskitty! Did you get any luck finding that reporter?? If so, what color and size is available?? I'm interested in getting one too. Thanks.
  8. Anyone know if the reporter is on sales any where else? Or if they know where i can get one on sales besides ebay?

  9. Lots of lambskin Mademoiselle light green totes on sale 30% off at NM Newport Beach. There was one quilted white lambskin about E/W size, zip top also on sale.
  10. any black chanel handbags are on sale ?? :smile:

  11. The large black satin bags are available, a big yellow bag ...some gucci was on sale... the sale started yesterday

  12. I was able to get a hold of the small reporter black on black for a total of $1729 before tax, the chain was broken, but they fixed for me,so I was happy...someone must of read my response... because the brown is now gone already... sorry... neimans has it at regular price in Beverly Hills, they had about 4 of them 2 in brown and black and white and another black and black as of last Saturday..see if they would price match...
  13. Do they have the Mad Clutch and Flap too??? TIA