Any chanel SA.. NM SA at this forum?

  1. I am not sure am I allow to post this thread, if not, pls close it.

    Just wonder any chanel Sales or NM sales work at this forum? because i am looking for a sales.... to help me on future purchase.
  2. xoStephxo is an SA at Neiman Marcus in San Antonio.

    She's been very helpful so far! Send her a PM.

    Otherwise, my local SA is fantastic and so sweet - and she seems to do some int'l business too. Lisa Hamlin (248) 635 8442 at NM Somerset (Troy, Michigan)
  3. CHANELboy is an SA at Nordstom (Mall of America). Ask for Lucas in Chanel handbags. The number is 952 883-2121 extension 1390.

    Nordstrom ships internationally.
  4. many thanks!!
  5. i love steph! she's really great. and really good about replying to messages/emails.