Any Chanel or other Designer Dog Carriers? Pics Please!

  1. Hello,

    I have tons of Juicy Couture carriers for my baby, (she's a 5lb Maltese) I am always keeping my eye out for another that I can't resist.:smile:

    I never see any good designer carriers except for the Louis, and honestly I'm not a big fan of it because the window doesn't unzip and doesn't look comfy enough for her.

    Anyone else have that "perfect" carrier? Does Chanel have one? Please let me know and post pics.

    *sorry if this post belongs somewhere else, I'm new here...


  2. I'm not sure, been looking out for one myself... Did also see the LV, but am not a huge fan of the 'normal' logo line (too much people carrying it around).
    I think Coach might have a dog carrier.. And Burberry also does. If I come up with more I'll let you know!
  3. Thanks Roxana, I'll check those out...

    I see in your signature you have the LV Mirage:tup: Mine arrives tomorrow! So excited:love:

    Let me know if you come up with any other carriers....

  4. Doesnt gucci have one also? cause i know that they have alot of things made for dogs, like beds, collars, etc.
  5. i've been looking for a nice dog carrier also. i also don't like the look of the LV one. gucci does make one but it's like a tote bag, it doesn't have a zip across the top so you can't bring it on the airplane or anything. Not sure if that matters to you, but I travel often so I can't use that one. It's the monogram G's with the green and red striped straps and goes for around $750 i think. Let me know if you find anything good, I have a maltese too and would love to know. thanks!

  6. Super, another mirage owner! You'll love it to pieces! ( I know I do :biggrin:)
    Love to see! Did you get the noir or the bordeaux?

    Don't forget to post in the mirage club! ;)
  7. NM! I would stick with Juicy Couture. I doubt Chanel will ever make a dog carrier.
  8. How funny I was wondering if Chanel had a dog carrier too! But anyways i do have the Louis carrier and my Chihuahua baby loves it! Though i'm not necessarily a fan of its look, its easy to clean, is great to travel with (which I do very often) has plenty of room for her (she's 5.5 lbs) and its elegant. Oh i almost forgot the best part- most of the time people don't even notice that I have a puppy with me, they just assume its a regular LV travel bag! Many are shocked when I pull her out to go potty after the flight. So if there aren't any other options, I would truly consider this bag.:p
  9. Its good to know the LV works so well for you and your little one is happy. I may have to take another look at it. She is just so particular. She loves to come with me and jumps in her bag, the only thing is with all her hair I worry about her getting too warm.

    I also checked out the Gucci, and it's ok but still didn't seem that different from what I have. The Juicy is looking pretty good at this point.

    Also to Msjenn, your maltese and the videos are adorable. I am so blown away how special the maltese is. Such a loving, intelligent breed...I am in love :heart:

    I am taking her for the first time on a flight to Tennessee, all the way from California. So it will be quite the adventure. Of course she will be in the cabin with us but still I'm all stressed out about how she will take it. She has to have a major surgery for a liver shunt and we are taking her to the best surgeon in the country.

    Any advice on keeping her comfortable and any experience with a flight this long? I am stressed out to the max of course. I am so worried about my baby, she is the light of my life.

    Thanks again!
  10. hey addict,
    thanks for such sweet compliments, i have gotten a few mixed reviews of the videos actually, some people have called me cruel and an animal abuser! i was wondering if i should take them down since they seem to offend some people.

    i also doubt chanel will make a dog carrier of any kind. tips for the airplane. if you fly at a weird time, when the flights aren't full. maybe you could have a whole row to yourself and take your baby out from time to time. some stewardesses don't really care, especially if she's a tiny cute thing and even if they do, you can just hide her under a coat or something if she's quiet.

    i have sat next to passengers that heard them whining and even asked me to take them out and the when the stewardess walked past, she didn't even see! don't worry, even if they do see, all you have to say if that you didn't know and they'll just ask you nicely to put her away. i hope this helps!!
  11. Gucci makes a carrier but it's not practical. I have the large tote (pic in avatar and bag showcase) and was going to buy the sherpa/carrier (airplane approved). However, I really like to have pockets for his leash, snacks and a small toy. The tote doesn't have this and when I looked at the larger, harder sherpa by Gucci they didn't have one either nor did they have enough mesh "windows" for my liking.

    I'll definitely save this thread in case someone come across a good one. My "baby" is 6.5lbs.

  12. Hey addict... I remember my baby's first cross country flight (phoenix to Boston) and my anxiety for it.:wtf:

    Something my Vet told me was that i could give her a little bit of children's liquid benedryl (i think it was one drop per pound but Id call and check with your vet) and that way she'd be groggy enough to sleep the whole time without fretting but awake enough to be responsive and normal after five hours. :yes:

    I tried this the first time and everything went well. She is now used to traveling so I don't bother! If you are at all anxious about the flight I would ask your vet about this... good luck with your baby! :p
  13. I was thinking of LV & Gucci too..

    Good luck on finding one, i could imagine ur dog being a real stylish dog
  14. I have a maltese who loves to fly. Normally once the plane engine starts he falls asleep. If you're worried your baby will be nervous you can get tranqulizer from the vet, but make sure you try it out before your flight in case there is a bad reaction. It's better not to use one. If your dog is usually well behaved there shouldn't be any problem. Also, that's why you pay the extra for pets to fly.
    I carry mine in something called a sneak tote. It has meash on one end and a zipper flap on the other which can be fully closed or opened so his head can be out. The top flaps over with silver hardware. We sneak him into a lot of places that don't allow pets.;)

    I also have a burberry carrier, but that doesn't completely has the head hole.

    As for Chanel, did you see they have a leash/collar with the cruise collection? I told the Chanel lady I would like a dog carrier and she told me "you never know", she acted like she knew something. So hopefully someday. My SA said Chanel did have a cage type thing a few years ago, but it was for bigger dogs.
  15. BTW good luck with the surgery