Any Chanel Bags around $1500.00

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  1. Hi. I'm usually in the LV forum but I wanted to check out Chanel. I know this is probably a silly question but are there any Chanel bags around $1500.00?
    Thank you ☺
  2. I think there is a fold over clutch around that price point. The next is 2100 usd n that's a wallet on a chain. In Europe the prices r better n vat return best in Spain.

    You can also get it second hand like from fashionfile and yoogies closet for a better price. I recently got a Chanel double flap with embroidered Camilla's (cloth) for 1550 from there.
  3. You could also do an O-case (they're like, large zippered pouches that people use as clutches) - those start around $600 for the small ones and head up to around $1,500 for the bigger ones!
  4. Chanel so expensive. I am saving for my first too
  5. If you check out eBay and get a vintage flap or seasonal style from a reputable seller from Japan, you can get sth great at the price. However, get it authenticated here first to be doubly-sure.
  6. Thank you everyone for your help. ☺ Still deciding. Looking at Gucci and LV again too .
  7. I recall a cluth for like 1100. I dont remember the name but it is a fold over clutch
  8. They also have a bigger zippered wallet that you can use as a clutch as well that I believe is under $1500, I got mine a few years ago at the price of $1050.
  9. The foldover clutch is $1500! There is also the deauville style wallet on chain for $1400 so not many options lol