Any chances I can get a 2.55 in met blk or dk silver? CHANELboy do you have one?

  1. size 226/227 Though i am on waitlist here in Hong kong but i know the chance of getting one is very slim.
  2. uhh, you might want to change your topic. we are not allowed to discuss buying/selling bags on the forum. why don't you email him privately to ask if he has one available in his store?

    and i'm sure there are more of the metallic black reissue available. call the Chanel Boutiques or NM to see if they have any in the system. They can ship it to you internationally for an additional fee.
  3. There seem to be a few Black Metallics in 227 around.....
  4. I returned a 227 Dark Silver for a 226 at Chicago Chanel on Michigan Avenue, maybe they still have it. Ask for Catherine she has been very sweet to me!
  5. Good luck in your search. I'm sure your bag is out there waiting for YOU!
  6. i saw a met light siolver 227 ana black metallic jumbo or 227 in HK airport, you might want to call and check if they still have it...
  7. Chanel rodeo drive had a 227 metallic black onthe shelf last week.
  8. Anyone see a metallic black 226 around? Thanks!
  9. What is the price for the 226 and 227 met black? Its gorgeous.