Any chances for Miroir in France


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Sep 19, 2006
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My friend will go to France in the next 2 weeks, and I wanted her to buy silver Speedy for me there. Anyone knows, are there any chances that I will get it without waitlist? Because here in US, we've to waitlist to get the bag, so if she just walk in to any LV shop (ie, Champs Elysees), would it be possible to get one?



Jul 28, 2006
would the 866 have that info... or could you call them directly to resevere one via credit card...good luck
Nov 30, 2006
Call them directly - We're on different time zone than them. Plus i believe i have asked 866 to call directly and they weren't able to call outside US.
I think the chances are slim.

I have an LV I use quite often in Italy and I called them to see if they had the Miroirs in (their not as busy as others so I was being nosey) any way they said that they closed their waiting list months ago and it is impossible to get these bags. I know Paris is the flagship store so will get a greater stock but I still think it will be waitlisted. Sorry (it doesn't hurt to try to give them a call)