Any chance to still get a Stephen bag?

  1. Is there any chance for me to still get my hands on the Stephen bag? Not the leopard one, just the normal monogram one. There's alot of fake ones floating around and i keep getting fooled the quality of fakes are getting better by the DAY! It gets me quite ticked :cursing:

    Is there any sure way i can tell if the bag is real? Like some special thing i should look out for? I have yet to see the bag in the flesh yet. I live in Sydney and we get like basically nothing, and they all go once they arrive. :crybaby: I AM DESPERATE!
  2. My SA here in the states said she could get ahold of one for me if I wanted one (I was considering it for my mom) I'd try calling a store near you to see what they can do :yes:
  3. Thanks!! I just called, they're customer service line isn't going to be open for another 30 mins! haha i cant bare to wait!!! How much is the stephen in the states going for?
  4. I think it's something like 2070 before tax or something close to that...
  5. they had one at the LV in selfridges london, uk when I was there just before christmas, so perhaps you can try some stores near you, as they aren't completely sold out yet.
  6. Thanks for that, that isn't go bad. They jack up the prices here in Sydney but quite a bit. The vernis small ring agenda is like $450 AU in the US but here they sell it for like $600 AU. I hope the Stephen price in sydney won't be jacked up too high.
  7. Good luck finding one!! :smile:
  8. Thanks for all your help everyone! Esply Lvbabydoll! =)
  9. Aww you're welcome! It's a really great bag, I hope you can get your hands on one :graucho:
  10. I saw one at Melbourne Crown store a week ago, it was AU$2980:yes:.
  11. There's one in the Christchurch store in NZ (when I was there on Christmas eve), if you want to come across the ditch. I don't know if they will ship out of the country. No harm trying, - their phone number is +64 3 366 0020. Duty free price is -12.5% GST.
  12. Thanks guys, i just called the lv customer serv. line they have a few left in Sydney!! YAY!!!! BUT like bb10lue said it's $2980AUS... it's more expensive then the States by like $350 AUS ... stupid GST!!!!! could buy some new shoes if it wasn't for GST esply with the massive sales going on in sydney atm. Saw these hot Armani heels for like $400!!!! They were like $800 something before....totally drool worthy.. hmph.. so should i just suck it up and buy the bag?? haha sigh louis vuitton kills my life haha
  13. Hmm..if you really like it, i'd say get it! I was debating between the stephen and LH, but i chose the LH over stephen because i wanted to use it as a school bag (to fit my folders and laptop). Stephen is really cute but suprisely can't fit that much (e.g thick A4 folders..)
  14. Yep, they pop up on elux all the time .
  15. gone gone gone