Any chance of still finding a Vert d' eau day in a store?

  1. Either rh or ggh?? IF anyone sees one, please let me know. I woke up with a new urge for this color.
  2. AR still has quite a few vert d'eau in city, brief, work but no day...
  3. Hmm a brief? Maybe I should inquire Thanks!
  4. No problem. :smile: Vert D'eau is such a pretty colour. It's just a little too light for me.

  5. Try NM in San Francisco. I spoke with someone there a few days ago, and she had that color in the day. I forget what type of hardware, though. If they dont have it there ask her to check other stores.
  6. Did you ever find one? I just got a city from AR I looooove the Vert D'eau color :love:
  7. :drool::drool:

    Vert D'eau was the one who started my love affair..

    Cant wait to see pics :yes:
  8. Haha seeing pictures of the Pistachio turned me onto my obsession, but I can't seem to find one! (at least when I do, they're either dirty, or like $1800 which is too much for my first bag--I'm buying them myself and I'm 19 and have a part-time job, so I have to choose wisely haha) So I saw the Vert D'eau and was a little bit in love with it! The lovely ladies here in tPF found me one on AR and she will be in my anxious little hands Wednesday! You KNOW i'll put pictues up as soon as she arrives, keep on the lookout!!
  9. I love vert too~~ I haven't worn mine out of the house yet; it is so rainy and dreary where I live! You will LOVE the leather-it is SOOOO thick!!!
  10. I had been looking for a Vert D'Eau Day for the longest time...Before I decided the Day style didn't suit me and I bought it in a Weekender instead!!! Talk about doing the complete opposite!

    I know there are VD Day's out there...But no one is letting them go for the world!!!

    I was surprised there are any Vert D'Eau's left anywhere actually. The leather is better than my 04 & 05 leathers. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Weekender!
  11. KDC you have NO idea how excited you just made me for mine to arrive on Wednesday now that you just said how much you adore your leather. YESSSSS haha.

    Peppers, it can't be as bad at Seattle! We're ALWAYS raining and cloudy and dreary...including last summer. LAME. But once again, super excited that you said your leather is diving and super THICK and amazing! I LOVE BAL BAGS!! hahaha.
  12. Whats ar and does anyone have the SF NM #
    isnt pistachio from 04 how do they still have them
  13. chunkymunky - AR is Aloha Rag- they're a retailer in HI that sells bbags. The color the above posters are discussing is last year's vert d'eau, not pistachio (which is from 04).

    Hope that helps!