any chance of finding this?

  1. I really really want an indigo cles & agenda.. and insight on how to acquire this? i've been telling myself for the past couple months to forget about it and just get a pomme one even though I have the envelope plate, but before I settle, any tips?
  2. Call you main line number and see what they can do for you
  3. I LOVE vernis indigo. I tried for quite some time to get the indigo cles. I called 866 Vuitton and they could not locate one. In regards to the agenda they were able to locate a few small agendas. This was over a month ago. Give them a call. Good luck.
  4. In the store i doubt it. Online? Very good chance.
  5. I'd definitely call the main line. I remember someone here awhile ago found a bronze piece in a random store's stock.
  6. 866! Last seen Indigo on Elux.....weeks ago, but you never know, good luck! :flowers:
  7. Same here, I finally got my cles from a friend, there was a few agendas left, last I checked, but that was a few months ago.

    Good luck. Indigo rocks!

  8. It was me!! LOL! I found a bronze 4-key holder at the Boston LV.

    I also got the Indigo 4 key holder when it showed up on Elux that time a few months ago.

    But the Indigo agenda I got from an LV in New York. At the time the lady told me there were still some Indigo Agendas around so you may have a good chance at finding one in the store. Good luck!
  9. Hehe I knew I wasn't dreaming lol.
    You were definitely lucky to find that!
  10. You can try calling 866! Don't worry, they'll try and find one for you! Good luck!
  11. Let us know when you find it!