Any chance of finding the large Dylan Speedy from last year?

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  1. I almost bought that bag twice last year but I'm on the prowl again. I think I've exhaused all the online resources with no luck. Has anyone seen one locally or online? I'm looking for black but might be open to any color. TIA!

    Here's a link to Hayden with her white one, which is from the LP site but the bag is obvsiously no longer available there.
  2. The best thing is to probably check eBay pretty regularly. Sometimes they pop up.
    It is an older bag, so you won't find them in any stores.
    Good luck!
  3. I got mine from ebay, slightly different style. good luck
  4. Mindy . you're being too modest !
    ~~~ She got the exact Hayden's White Dylan Speedy !~~~
  5. Ebay is probably your best bet for the older style Dylans... I like the older Dylan styles a bit more as well... Wow... I didn't realize this even came in black! Good luck!
  6. good luck - i too search for this bag quite often every week - sometimes they pop up on Ebay - but you have to be quick....
  7. I recently bought a large Dylan Speedy in cobalt off of Ebay but it looks a little bit different than the one HP is carrying. The Dylan line is a bit confusing...there was a bowler, the speedy, the double-handle and whatever bag it is that I bought! Anyone know the difference? Here is a link to the post where I showed pics of the speedy (which I LOVE BTW):
  8. Oh my gosh, I totally forgot I posted this! :shame: Thanks so much to everyone who answered. :flowers:

    Stormy Heart--THANK YOU!
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    To all of those needing to find a large dylan speedy tote, you are in luck!!!! The lp website now has the holiday colors out and they are all tdf. These bags are exclusive to the lp site. I just ordered one in smoke. Check out the site, lots of new colors for the holiday.