Any chance of finding a lg Betty on sale?

  1. any ideas?
  2. I just returned one to Nordstrom's Mission Viejo Mall in CA. It was the Large Chocolate Betty for 40% off. $1182. It has been around an hour. It is 4:20 pst now. It was pristine and gorgeous!
  3. why did you return it?
  4. TOO MANY BAGS! :amazed:

    It was perfect! No scratches, came from the back stockroom.
    Never handled. I had it a couple of weeks in the bag.
  5. I also ordered a green Betty. I really like the green too.
    It comes next week.
    I already have too many chocolate bags.
  6. I also saw the large Betty on sale weeks ago at Nordstroms half off sale.
  7. Did it have the rings on the zippers and the chloe lock/clasp type thing ......
  8. Did you get the green at Nordstrom also? and was it on sale?
  9. That green Betty is beautiful, I saw it a few months ago and really loved the green tone.
  10. Yes it had the rings and the brass clasp lock.
    If someone saw it 50% off, it may have gone down another 10%
    and that's what they will charge you.

    I found the green at Saks in FL over the phone. The green was harder to find.
    I did not get a large green. I got the $1705 size, the next size down. It was on sale also.
  11. Keep in mind that Neiman Marcus is doing a 25% markdown/customer appreciation thing until July 4th. If the Betty is included in the extra 25% off, then Nordstrom will price match that. You might save even more $$ - I just had Nordstrom price match something for me today and they matched the additional 25% off!
  12. What did you buy today, Roo :graucho: ?
  13. I want to know too Roo:sneaky:
  14. Thanks chicbags! I have it on hold, although I'm not sure it's the one you returned???? The SA said it didn't have the rings on the zippers. I'll let you know when I go take a look at it. How do you get Nordstrom to price match? I don't think Saks or NM have sale Betty's left on their sales floor.
  15. That particular store doesn't carry a lot of Chloe, so she may not quite understand what you meant. Tag should say 6SSA181-6S405

    Here is a picture of mine: